Integrity Rising

We've lost the meaning of integrity.

I'm joining the fight to restore integrity to its rightful place in human understanding.

Ask someone what integrity means. Look it up in a dictionary. You’ll probably hear or see integrity defined as 'honesty,' 'uprightness,' or 'fair.' An extraordinary vital element of the human condition and relationship, integrity has been reduced to a metaphor for honesty.

integrity means 'wholeness,' 'completeness.' Integer has the same root. An 'integer' is a whole number. 'Integrate’ is to make whole. 'Disintegrate' is to separate every part of a thing from every other part of a thing.

integrity is the personal state where every part of you is connected to every other part of you. It is where your conscience is clear. It is the unity between heart and head, soul and spirit. integrity is the fountain from which honesty, uprightness, and fairness flows.

But integrity is the core state.


About Jeff Simon

Jeff Simon built a transformational business in an old-line, transactional industry: hearing aids. The BIG WHY behind the need for hearing aids is improved relationships. The foundation of relationship is communication. But hearing aids are sold as a commodity, not as a life changer.

Jeff, and his wife and business partner, Anne, operate their business in defense of family. Their work in hearing care reknits relationships and communities, and glorifies God.

In building a successful business based on Scriptural principles, Jeff has uncovered how story is the basic building block for joy, hope, and freedom, as well as fear, shame, and guilt. You can run a successful business in service to our Heavenly Father. Through the integrated work of story, Jeff can show you how.

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